TTK Network
The fiber optic lines which run along all Russia's mainline railways total over 76,000 kilometers.
BDCN covers Russia's more densely populated areas and links western and eastern areas of the country. The Backbone Digital Network has over 1,000 resource allocation points in all regions of the country covering 90 per cent of the population and accommodating all Russia's major production facilities. The high reliability of the network is ensured by the reservation of fiber optic communication lines for geographically spread routs and by an efficient operation system for line-cable structures.
Connection points with the networks of foreign operators make it possible to create an affective environment for the exchange of international operators' traffic.
We provide communication services using the backbone digital communications network of Russian Railways built and operated by TTK and the MPLS IP network deployed on its basis. TTK also has its own access networks.

SDH technology (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) was chosen as the basic for setting up the backbone primary network to ensure the needed scalability (2 – 10,000 Mbps) in terms of both capacity and zone coverage, and to facilitate the effective operation of optical channels.

The network uses SDH multiplexers provided predominantly by Lucent Technologies. These are capable of multiplexing standard PDH and SDH signals to 2.5 Gbps (STM-16). The wide range of distances covered and high capacity and connection flexibility make the SDH equipment a core component of effective and economical backbone networks. The equipment used with the SDH technology increases primary traffic network reliability by integrating its units into ring configurations. This allows the network control system automatically to switch main the channel to an alternate channel in the case of deviations in the main channel quality parameters from standard. Switching channels on the network takes no more than 50 ms which means there is no user interruption. TTK has implementated DWDM technology into its network. Due to that improvement, the network capacity has grown to 1.6 Tbps.
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